Durbanis 2010

Harmony does not always requires for an obvious order.
Cell is a system of pieces of organic shapes without apparently serving a specific function. But the possibilities of Cell and its functional and emotional input soon become evident. Its design would bring fluidity and organic feeling so that the space in which takes part is lived in such a way (away from rigidity).
Cell was originally designed as two pieces to ditribute Wi-Fi zones in an organic way. After the first prototypes we realised that they could work in other sizes and for other purposes, creating up to five (from a stool of about 25 cm diameter, to a large piece that serves as bench or table up to 2 meters for its maximum length). All its measures are composed in relation to its height: chairs, stools, communal tables or individual banks, participating naturally of the landscape.
Cell parts, immediately following its installation, seem to have been there forever, belonging to the space.