Durbanis 2012

In nowadays design, the constructed object and the destroy are equally important.

(Alex Fernandez Camps)

Deconscient is a product thought and felt from different angles that converge in this object.
Apparently complex, Deconscient is one of those products that becomes real with easy going:

These are the main assumptions that define Deconscient and that have been guiding Germán Rubio (from Durbanis) and me:

1 Use recycled tyres (we have a warehouse next to Durbanis).
2 From the minimum investment, find the maximum versatility.
3 Optimize the transport.

1 – The used tyres are a very serious problem in terms of sustainability. With Deconscient we can only say that we respond to that concern and we have managed to make a product based in recycled material such as SBR on a 90 % (16 tires recycled per piece). 10% Not recycled is the EPDM coating that civilize the piece to essentially be pleasant to the touch, do not stain and avoid UV exposure of SBR (which would be environmentally damaging). The real technical difficulty has been the treatment “in-mold” of the EPDM in these sizes; but we have achieved.

2 – With the Deconscient geometry, we get a high modulability and composition possibilities (only with one mold, can do two symmetrical pieces): “A” and “B”, that we can fit up in 40 different ways, offering different sensations of reiteration or irregular composition. With three pieces we have not been able to calculate still Combinatorics offered. This makes Deconscient a powerful tool for architects,… when creating spaces, limits and compositions.
It must be borne in mind that Deconscient are available with 45 cm. high and also 32 cm for children.

3 – Measures and geometry of each module have been calculated for fully optimizes transport according to international transport standards. This point seems to be so “light”; but it was considered as very important by us because it’s direct influence in terms of energy efficiency and the commercial possibilities for Deconscient.

The most important of Deconscient can not be seen when we have the piece in front;
but can be easily sensed. .

In nowadays design, the constructed object and the destroy are equally important.
(Alex Fernández Camps).

More info available soon in english.
Thank’s for waiting.