ALLAN 18754321

Grow 0,

Orbea 2012

Sometimes objects are bigger than their physical dimensions.
GROW 0 is more than a vehicle; it´s that great sense of freedom; the breeze on your face while driving your first vehicle; the first outings (authentic adventure travel); the independence of having your own vehicle; and many other feelings and experiences associated with the object itself.
GROW 0 is an ideal vehicle for learning the dynamic balance which gives the security that any child needs to sit up on a bicycle.
In terms of design, the ergonomics allow the rider to line up the feet and maintain a good driving position with a foot rest built into the design so the body is properly aligned.
The steering is compact and lightweight, making it quite magnetik.
Although we consider it a useful vehicle for journeys of less than a mile, there have been real records among our obsessive testers.
Children are the ones who make GROW 0 a new and special machine to be used even after learning to pedal. When they master it, they discover new uses, have constant fun and keep learning. For this reason, it will be their vehicle of choice for a long time.