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Bover 2019


The Mediterrània lamp is an ode to the light, the Mediterranean breeze and smell.
A soft wave of ribbon that pays homage to our Mediterranean light, so heterogeneous throughout the day; that light that always combines bright flashes with very warm beams, especially in the sunrise and sunset.
Architecturally speaking, Mediterrània is a lamp that serenely participates in spaces. When it’s on, it brings a light with a natural sensation, very light, friendly and habitable.
Its curves and material make it a non-invasive object, soft, simple and openly welcoming. Its organic warmth allows us to rediscover it every time we meet it with our eyes, and we can even enjoy listening to its silence.
Installed in spaces of geometric architecture, Mediterrània respectfully manages to bring "life" to the environment. Rippling and serene like our sea, this lamp has the magic of looking different, depending on the time and place from which it is seen.
In conclusion, Mediterrània is inspired by each and every one of the aspects that make the Mediterranean one of the most beautiful, livable
and welcoming places in the world.


Bover, since its beginning, is a company with a great knowledge of tape lamps. Products that are carefully made in the factory itself, in Barcelona.
Surely, Bover finds in the simplicity, warmth and adaptability of this material, the business inspiration for searching new ways of Mediterranean and warm light.
The lamps of the Mediterrània collection, are a step that I consider especially beautiful in the trajectory of Bover, for being a clearly
innovative proposal, although based on materials and techniques of important value in the tradition (and I would say in the DNA) of Bover