Durbanis 2010

PLA is a system designed from its construction process rather than as a finished object (or furniture).
Plà is not a finished object, nor has a definite shape. Plà is a tool destinated to the outdoors or large installations designer .
The true value of Plà’s design is to easily adapt to the design of a new space. Able to offer a slim bank of up to six meters (one piece), adapt to the irregularity of an old wall, surrounding a tree respect, combine curved and straight lines to organise spaces that have evolved over time, create tables and modular bench…. The service offered the piece depends on how far one dares to bring it.
Another interesting and fine value of PLA is its ease of production for a company like Durbanis, which has in its DNA to project GRC (a complex and little spread technology), using the perimeter structure of the finished piece as a tool of “framing” during the construction process itself.